CLINICAL LABORATORIESLaboratories have very special needs because their specimens can be time sensitive and have specific  transport requirements. Our laboratory customers are confident that their specimens will be transported safely because our drivers are trained and equipped with coolers, ice packs and dry ice for proper specimen transport.
BLOOD BANKSOur drivers are equipped to meet the time sensitive needs of the blood banks. Our response time for pickup is 30 minutes and each delivery is treated like a STAT.
  • From pharmacy to customers' home - We attempt to contact the patient prior to delivery. We never leave a package unless requested by the patient or the customer.
  • From pharmacy to pharmacy
  • From Pharmacy to hospitals
Within our pharmacy operations we also provide service for Nuclear Medicine. We understand these are time sensitive radioactive medicines and our drivers are trained and transport separately.
We service the same as medical labs. We transport specimens based on specimen handling requirements and delivery to the veterinarian hospitals or deliver based on the clients needs. 
We provide assistance to hospitals by developing a network of routes to and from their facilities and surrounding physician offices. MED - TREK not only offers in town deliveries but we can develop rural routes that would be difficult for hospital staff to service.